Tips For Celebrating Eco-Friendly Diwali

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Diwali is a time of celebration and togetherness, but it can also be an opportunity to harm our environment. If you've been meaning to reduce your carbon footprint or save the planet, this is the year to do it! Here are some tips for celebrating Diwali with minimal environmental impact:

Buy Eco-friendly Diwali Hampers Online

While you may be tempted to buy the latest fidget spinners and Avengers merchandise, try to avoid plastic and paper. Instead, opt for recyclable or reusable packaging. You can do this by purchasing your gifts in cloth, jute, or cotton bags instead of plastic, using recycled paper for wrapping gifts or buying eco-friendly gift boxes. If you're looking for thoughtfully designed products that are also environmentally conscious, consider giving gifts that can be used again after Diwali—like chocolates with a custom message on each piece!

And contrary to popular opinion, there is an array of eco-friendly diwali gift box to choose from. Here are our top picks:

Dry fruits, nuts and seeds are the most eco-friendly Diwali hampers online as they do not require any packaging and can be stored for a long time. They are also healthy and are a great snack option.

Organic tea or coffee is another great choice, as most come in compostable packaging. Organic teas and coffees are great options for those who love their hot beverages. Herbal tea/coffee is a token of good health that can be an ideal Diwali gift for the elderly, bosses, clients, etc. (basically anyone who is into tea or coffee).

Gourmet Mithai is another popular choice for Diwali hampers online. It comes in beautiful packaging, but you can buy it without fancy wrappers or boxes to make it more eco-friendly!

Metal diyas are a great eco-friendly alternative to the traditional clay diyas you see on every Diwali table. They're also a great way to get your guests involved in the festivities—you can ask everyone to bring their diya and help them put them up around the house!

Diwali is a time for celebration and fireworks, but it doesn't have to come at the expense of our environment. Eco-friendly firecrackers won't hurt anyone's ears or eyes, but they will still provide all the fun and excitement of traditional firecrackers—without the pollution!

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diwali hampers online

Go Organic with your Diwali Decorations

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Diwali without harming the environment, here are a few alternatives to try out:

  • Reusable diyas: This year, go for reusable diyas instead of electric lights. You can make your own from metal or glass jars with cotton wicks and pour in oil or ghee (clarified butter) as fuel. You can also purchase eco-friendly diyas online, in case you feel a bit lazy to go through the tedious task of making one yourself. There's a wide range of options out there.
  • Organic rangoli: If you want to use rangoli as decorations this season, try making rangolis out of natural materials like flowers, leaves, and coloured rice instead of using synthetic paints and powders that harm the environment when they run off into streams during monsoon season.

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Munch on Organic and Eco-friendly Food Items

Diwali is the festival of lights, where people make a lot of different types of sweets and light up their homes with beautiful decorations. It is also the best time to indulge yourself in some good food. However, we often overlook the damage our food products cause to the environment.

It's important to choose eco-friendly food items.

Eco-friendly products are made with natural ingredients and are biodegradable, so they don't harm the environment when disposed-off properly.

Additionally, if you are looking forward to throwing a grand Diwali party, try using earthenware instead of plastic plates and cups during your celebrations to reduce your carbon footprint by not having to throw away lots of plastic waste later on down the road!

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Be Mindful of What you Burn

Firecrackers are traditionally used during Diwali celebrations, but unfortunately, they are not so kind to the environment. Due to their toxic fumes, they have become a major source of air pollution in urban areas across India. The firecrackers also cause great stress and discomfort to our furry friends, the elderly, and autistic people. It’s always best to go for eco-friendly and green firecrackers. Make sure to keep a bucket of water handy.

When planning your Diwali celebration, remember to be careful when burning crackers. You should use eco-friendly crackers and avoid letting them off for extended periods. Also, avoid letting off fireworks at night or in the rain or wind—or better yet, don't let them off at all!

You may think this is an impossible feat on an occasion as important as Diwali, but we promise it’s worth trying.

diwali hampers online

Say No to Plastic this Diwali

While decorations and gifting items are a central part of Diwali celebrations, you can still enjoy the festival without contributing to the problem of plastic waste. Here are some tips for celebrating in a more eco-friendly way:

● Look for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic items like lights, fireworks and lanterns. For example, instead of buying lights made from toxic chemicals that may harm your health and the environment, try using battery-operated candles or LED lights instead—they're both energy efficient and come in many colours!

● Instead of giving Diwali hampers in plastic bags this year, opt for cloth bags, reusable baskets, or boxes. This is a small yet mindful step to reduce your carbon footprint this festive season!

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Engage your Neighbours in an Eco-friendly Diwali

It is about engaging your neighbours, whether they are your friends or the people who live in the apartment building next door. If you want to create a sense of community and foster a connection with those around you, there is no better time than now.

If you have children, invite their classmates to join in on the festivities! The more people we can bring into this movement, the better off we’ll all be.


We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this Diwali in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. The more people who make the switch, the better our world will be for future generations.

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