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5 Best Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees in 2022

Corporate Diwali Gifts

No matter how you celebrate Diwali, you'll surely be looking to gift at this festive time. It's one of the biggest Indian holidays of the year - we celebrate the victory of light over darkness with our dear ones. And that's pretty great; yet not the best part of Diwali - A huge part of the holiday is the exchange of gifts. And let's face it, receiving gifts is always EASY but, choosing what to 'give' is the HARD part.

But don't worry; to help you find the perfect Diwali gift for your employees this year, we have compiled a list of what are considered some of the Innovative diwali gift hampers. So let's get started!

Choosing the Best Corporate Hampers for your Employees

The happiness of your employees impacts the happiness of your business. If you want your business to grow, you need to give your team the recognition they deserve.

Company gifts are often considered impersonal and wasteful - but that's not always true. With proper planning and attention to detail, a company gift can be a truly meaningful gesture.

Here are a few basic factors that you may want to keep in mind while choosing the best corporate hampers for your amazing employees:

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corporate gifts

Corporate Hamper Assortment

You must choose a corporate hamper that is assorted as per your employee's preferences and the occasion. For instance, Diwali often calls for lots and lots of sweets and a lot of binge-eating. That's what we Indians treasure the most about this festival, isn't it?

That said, it is important to know what your employees like and dislike. Gift them something that will make their Diwali more joyous (or even relaxing, if that's what they prefer during the festivities). The last thing you want is for them to be left disappointed when they receive something they don't like or want!


Budget is an important factor when choosing corporate hampers because they can be expensive and wasteful if not chosen wisely. Planning your budget for the hampers is very important, especially since Diwali comes with its own set of expenses (we've all been there!).


This may be one of the most important factors when choosing any gift. People often overlook the scope of personalisation for a gift and opt for something generic. But everyone loves a personal touch!

Personalising something even as official as a corporate hamper can turn it into a meaningful token of appreciation. Your corporate hamper to your kickass employees should scream HAPPY DIWALI; seriously! Gift them something that will light up their Diwali like no other.

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5 Corporate Hampers your Employees Will Love

Your employees are the foundation of your business, and they all deserve a small token of appreciation once in a while, especially around the festivities. That said, when it comes to Corporate Diwali gifts, there's no need to break your bank. These gifts can be simple and efficient - they just need to be useful and unique.

These corporate Diwali gifts for employees are sure to please. Here are our top 5 Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees in 2022.

1) Traditional Diwali Box

This is the perfect Diwali gift for your employees. This is indeed a very fun yet traditional way of saying 'Happy Diwali' to your employees. Not only does it come with savoury mithai and diyas, but it also comes with a note that you can personalise and let your employee know how much you mean to them.

Whether they're new to the company or have been there for years, this gift will make their Diwali special.

2) Artisan Food Basket

When it comes down to choosing one thing as your corporate Diwali gift idea, food baskets should definitely be high up on your list because these types of baskets come in many different varieties such as vegan, vegetarian, or even gluten-free options depending on what kind of dietary restrictions exist within an office environment (if any). Moreover, who doesn't like Gourmet Food, right?

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Artisan food basket

3) Trunk Box

When it comes to corporate gifts, we're all about the classics. But Diwali is always a little extra! Yes, we are talking about that elegant trunk box!

This gift will be sure to bring joy to your employees for many years to come.
It includes the best of sweet and savoury treats (Diwali is really all about the mithais like we said) and this absolutely stunning golden box that can be reused later for just about anything.

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elegant trunk box

4) Marble Platter

This corporate gift hamper is that one-size-fits-all kind of gift. You can't possibly go wrong with this Diwali gift. This premium marble platter will be sure to impress even the most discerning employee. We're talking about a marble platter that's perfect for gifting to employees on Diwali and would make an amazing addition to any home or office during the festivities.

The set includes green agate coasters (set of 2), lemon ginger tea, Ganesh Laxmi idols, and two empty tin jars. This also has a beautiful marble tray that's 10" in diameter and has a floral decoration for a finishing touch. That's literally Diwali in a tray for you!

Marble platter

5) Eco-friendly Box of Chocolates

Give your employees the gift of generosity this holiday season by sending them a box of eco-friendly Diwali gift box. This hamper comes in a sustainable basket. The box is also filled with something special that will get your employees excited about Diwali. Yes, we are talking about chocolates - and not just chocolates, but cracker-shaped chocolates. How cool is that? This hamper, as we've mentioned before screams Diwali *harmlessly*.

Eco friendly diwali gifts

Choosing the Perfect Gift Hampers for your Employees

Gifting something to your employees, no matter how big or small, it's the gesture that's important to let them know just how much you value them. And going that extra mile for them doesn't necessarily mean having to throw a grand Diwali party at the workplace; sending over a box full of love and joy (and food, diyas and mithais ofcourse!) also does the trick.

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