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Importance of Gifting on Diwali

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Diwali is the most celebrated festival in India. It's that time of the year when the whole country comes together to celebrate this occasion with great zeal and enthusiasm. The festival of lights is not just about lighting diyas, burning crackers, and exchanging sweets, but also about giving gifts to your loved ones. Gifts are an important part of this auspicious occasion as they lead us closer to our loved ones and give us a feeling of belongingness.

Why Do We Exchange Gifts on Diwali

Let's face it: gifting someone a present is the best way to show them you care. But there's more to gifting than just being generous and showing your affection for another person.

Giving Diwali gifts has been an age-old tradition that dates back to ancient times when people used to exchange gifts during the festival of lights. It symbolised goodwill, prosperity, happiness, good luck, and peace between families, friends, and loved ones.

In modern times, Diwali has become synonymous with gifting—especially gifting sweets and other edible items like chocolates or dried fruit. It’s also a gesture that shows their generosity and kindness towards others in need.

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The Age-Old Way of Diwali Gifting

You’ve probably heard of this age-old tradition that is followed in India on the festival of lights. In fact, if you were to ask any Indian what they do on Diwali and they would tell you that they celebrate it by gifting their loved ones and spending quality time with them. The tradition goes back many centuries and has been passed down through generations. The gifts are usually sweets and dry fruits or statues of Laxmi (the goddess of wealth) and Ganesh (the god of wisdom).

The concept behind this ritual is simple — as long as the gifts express your gratitude to the other person and wish them prosperity and good luck, it's a great Diwali gift.

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The New Way of Diwali Gifting

Gifting on Diwali is one of the most celebrated traditions in India. Even if you do not celebrate this festival, gifting your family and friends during this time is a great idea because it shows how much you care about them.

Choosing your gift hamper basket for diwali has become a common practice these days, especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Buying Diwali hampers online is easy, convenient, and fast! You can find everything that you need under one roof at an affordable price with several options to choose from based on your budget. Diwali hampers online are available in a variety of themes, including health and fitness, gourmet food items, premium chocolates, etc. Some even gift gadgets and appliances on this day.

These days, shopping for Diwali hampers online has become very popular among people who love saving money while getting quality products right at home without leaving the comfort zone of their house! This trend has changed how we celebrate occasions where gifts play an important role such as Diwali, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

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Best Diwali Hampers to Gift your Near & Dear ones

Diwali is a time for celebrating, and what better way to celebrate than with a lovely gift? Here are 5 great ideas for the best Diwali hampers you can give to your near and dear ones:

  1. Dry fruits & Nuts: This is a classic Indian snack that's perfect for the festive season! It's also great if you want to send something healthy since dry fruits are full of nutrients and antioxidants.
  2. Gourmet Chocolates & Mithai: Who doesn't love chocolate? It's sweet, it's bitter, it's everything in between—and it's delicious! Why not send some gourmet chocolates or mithai as an alternative to traditional sweets this Diwali?
  3. Eco-friendly Firecrackers & Diyas: Whether you're into DIY or not, eco-friendly firecrackers and diyas are a fun way to jazz up your festivities without harming anyone or anything (except maybe your neighbours' eardrums). Eco-friendly firecrackers are easy on the environment too!
  4. Home Decor: The next option is home decor items such as Ganesh Idols, Laxmi Idols, premium trays and jars. These items are very popular during Diwali and make excellent gifts for family members and friends alike!
  5. Herbal Tea & Coffee: If you know someone who loves to drink tea or coffee, this is the perfect Diwali gift for them. There are several options to choose from depending on what kind of tea or coffee they prefer. This is also a great option for your health-conscious family and friends.

diwali hampers online

Choosing the right Diwali Gift

The occasion of Diwali is all about sharing happiness, love and good wishes with your loved ones. With so much going on in everyone’s life, it becomes important for us to make this festival special for those around us. From gifting items that are personalised to getting the best deals online, we have everything you need to ensure that this year's Diwali is a memorable one!

But wait, how do you choose the right gift?

When buying gifts for your family or friends on this auspicious occasion, there are certain things that you must keep in mind:

  • First, make sure that they like what you buy for them. This seems obvious, but it's important to remember that if someone doesn't like something—even if they were just being polite when they accepted the gift—they will probably not use it or even want it around. So, don't be afraid to ask if your gift recipient is interested in trying out a new activity or food.
  • Second, try to gift them something useful. Gift something that they will actually use. Now, this could be home decor, gadgets or even jewellery.
  • Third, be mindful of their requirements. If someone has diabetes, avoid sugary indulgence as a gift item. Instead, consider gifting them a healthier alternative like organic food items, sugar-free mithais or even dry fruits and nuts.
  • Fourth and final: Make sure your gifts feel personal and meaningful! Personalised gifts are so impactful, especially when it comes to occasions like these. There are a lot of ways to make your gift personal. You can make your own Diwali gift for them; you could gift them something that holds significance in both yours and their lives. You could also add a customised note to your gift item, so it feels personal.

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The importance of gifting on Diwali cannot be denied as it helps build relationships and adds happiness to each other’s life. You can gift your near and dear ones anything that they are fond of, but if you want something meaningful, then there are many options available these days.