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Affordable Gift Ideas For Employees On New Year

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The new year is a time for fresh starts, so it's only fitting that you find an affordable gift for your employees to celebrate their past efforts. Whether you need to give something to the team at your restaurant or the people working in your factory, we've got some great gift ideas.

Healthy Treats for Employees

The New Year is a time for new beginnings and a time to celebrate with your employees. Consider healthy snacks if you need to give your employees something extra this year. They're a great way to show how much you care for your employees and their well-being.

Healthy snacks will also help you improve productivity and reduce sickness-related absences.

Healthy snacks can be anything from low-calorie chips or sugar-free cakes to nuts and dried fruit. They are great for keeping your employees full throughout the day, so they stay focused on their work rather than their hunger pangs.

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Organic Tea/Coffee Hampers

Caffeine is the fuel that keeps our minds running, but sometimes we need a little pick-me-up. Tea and coffee hampers are an excellent way to promote your brand or business. Customised tea & coffee hampers look professional and are a great way to impress your customers or employees.

Gourmet tea and coffee hampers are a great way to impress your employees. These delicious treats can be customised with your company's logo, making them a fun gift that helps promote your brand. Most people love tea or coffee, so it's usually an all-time favourite.

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New Year-themed Customisable Mug

What better way to welcome the New Year than to be greeted with a customised mug? Customisable mugs make a great gift. It can be personalised with whatever name and design you'd like, making it an ideal gift for any occasion. The high-quality ceramic material makes it durable, long-lasting, and dishwasher-safe! You can also use it to serve coffee or tea in the office on those cold winter days.

Pro Tip: Try to look for BPA-free mugs, so no harmful chemicals are consumed by anyone who uses this mug!

Corporate Pen & Clock Stand

A pen and clock stand can be a great corporate hamper for employees. As we have seen, employee rewards are one of the most important things in any workplace. They help to improve employee satisfaction and retention rates while simultaneously encouraging more productivity among your workers. Any corporate hamper you give out should reflect a value system that the gift doesn't end up seeming like a hollow gesture or an attempt to force yourself into their lives.

A pen and clock stand are also extremely useful for both the company and its employees because it helps keep track of time when people need to be somewhere else within the premises or jot down something urgently!

Personalised Notebooks & Journals

When you're looking for affordable and trendy corporate hampers to start a new year, finding something that will have a lasting impact on the recipient cannot be easy. A notebook or journal is a great option if you want to give them something they can use to track their progress for the coming year, but also personalise with their name or a personal message. You can gift them a progress journal, a personal notebook, or even a planner.

Selfcare Hampers

Self-care hampers are the perfect corporate hampers for employees. They give the recipient a chance to relax and rejuvenate, and they're also convenient when you want to get something nice without spending too much money on it.

If you're looking for an affordable way to show appreciation for your employees, consider purchasing self-care hampers! These can be skincare or fitness hampers—the choice is up to you! Make sure that whichever you choose has items suitable for all types of people in your office (e.g., men, women, and the elderly).

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Edible Goodies

  • Chocolate: With a wide variety of gifts and hampers available, you can send chocolates to your employees in any shape or size. You can choose from a box of chocolate coins or even champagne truffles. You can also order online and have it delivered to the office for them to enjoy later.
  • Wine: If your employees love wine, then this is an ideal choice for you. Many companies offer elegant wine bottles with personalised labels that will impress them instantly!
  • Sweets: Send your employees sweets as a token of appreciation on New Year's Eve! They will love the gesture and appreciate you for it!
  • Cakes: Send your employees cakes on New Year's Eve! It will be an amazing gesture to make them feel special and appreciated.
  • Fruits: Send your employees fruits on New Year's Eve! It will be a great way to say 'thank you' for all their hard work throughout the year.

Time to think of gift ideas to make your employees happy this festive season!

As another new year approaches, it's time to think of gift ideas to make your employees happy! As you know, employees are your biggest asset. So, it is important to give them gifts that are useful and meaningful.

However, not just any old gift will do! You can choose from various themes and styles for your holiday gifting and celebrations. There's no need to spend a ton on something extravagant if you don't want to; plenty of affordable options will suit everybody's budget.


The key to giving great gifts is knowing your audience, which is no different when it comes to employees. If you want to get the right corporate hampers for your employees, keep their personalities in mind and consider what they might like. After all, it's much better than buying something random off Amazon because it looked cool on Pinterest!