Work-from-Home Wellness Checklist

What started as a temporary solution has now become the new normal. While the mental and physical repercussions are huge, everyone is trying to smoothen the office to home transition, trying to explore things and ways that help them work efficiently without compromising on wellbeing.

Here are five tips that work for us-

  • Staying Organised

Balancing flexibility and routine keeps your mind uncluttered. Set clear deliverables and prepare to-do lists to keep your productivity high.

  • Taking Short Breaks

Replace your 'impromptu lunches' and 'coffee breaks' at the office by brewing coffee at home or taking a walk around the house.

Coffee Breaks

  • Setting Clear Boundaries

Start and end your work day on a fixed time so that you have time and energy for yourself and your loved ones. Remember, you are working from home and not living at work.

  • Finding Your Stress Busters

Do more of the things that help you relax. Whether it is long forgotten hobbies like painting or reading or just simply playing with your dog or simply watching Netflix, take out time for anything that makes you feel good.

  • Redoing WFH Desk

With all your work essentials in one place, having a work desk helps to separate the personal and the professional both physically and mentally.

Separate Work Space

At The Good Road, we have curated a collection of WFH essentials to elevate your home office and help you take care of yourself while working remotely. Our signature 'Work from Home' hamper is a gender neutral gift box perfect for anyone working at home these days and juggling #AllTheThings.

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