Wedding Gift Ideas For The Married Couple

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wedding gifts

Weddings are about celebrating love, so you should always put your best foot forward when gifting the newlyweds. Choosing wedding gifts isn't always easy, though – especially if you don't know the couple very well or have never attended a wedding. To make things easier on yourself and ensure that your gift of choice shows how much you care about their future together, we've rounded up some of our favourite recommendations!

From an intimate honeymoon staycation at a local hotel to a custom-made photo album full of memories from their special day, there's something here for everyone!

A Loungewear Hamper for Cozy Night Ins

Whether you're shopping for your best friend or a coworker, the bride and groom are sure to appreciate a thoughtful gift. It's also one of the easiest gifts to buy—you don't need to know their favourite movie, music artist, or restaurant to find something they'll like. (If you're having trouble sorting through all the options, keep reading.)

A loungewear hamper—aka pyjamas could be a fun and exciting wedding gift for the newlyweds. Loungewear is an essential part of any couple's life together, especially when they want to relax at home after a long week of wedding planning and honeymoon packing. Make sure you include sets for both him and her (and, if possible, styles that can be mixed and matched).

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wedding gifts

A Set of Monogrammed Wine Glasses

You can't go wrong with a set of monogrammed wine glasses. It's classic and practical, and adding a personal touch is easy too. You can find glassware in any shape or style you like—at any price point—and add the married couple's initials to make this gift more meaningful.

wedding gifts

A Travel Gift Card

A travel gift card is an excellent option for the newlywed couple. It can be used for a honeymoon, vacation, weekend getaway, or city break. There are many different types of travel gift cards out there: some will let you choose your destination, and others will give you an itinerary.

A Wholesome Hamper Full of Snacks

If you're looking for a unique wedding gift idea, consider choosing a food hamper. A food hamper is a basket that includes a wide range of snacks that are not only healthy but also binge-worthy.

An excellent way to make sure you include enough food items in your wedding gifts is by using some of these tips:

  • Consider what type of food the couple enjoys when choosing what food items to put into their hamper. If they're health-conscious people who enjoy exercising together on weekends, include things like dried fruit or nuts. On the other hand, if they're more casual eaters, think about including healthy chips/crisps along with pretzels/cookies instead!
  • Remember beverages! You have an array of options to choose from regarding beverages. So it depends on what the couple prefers. If they are the party type, think soda pops and maybe a beer. And organic tea and coffee would be excellent choices if they are into health and fitness. You can also add a good bottle of wine (who doesn't like wine, right?)

wedding gifts

A Wine Club Membership

Wine club memberships are an excellent gift for couples who enjoy wine. It can be customised to suit your budget, so you can choose how much you want to spend and what type of wine you want to gift.

You can also choose how often you would like your monthly, quarterly, or annual membership packages delivered—or if you'd prefer them sent in one huge batch all at once.

Personalised Stationery

Ah, stationery. You know the feeling: you've just finished a stack of thank-you notes for your friends and family when you realise there's not a single piece of paper in the house. How could you run out of stationary when it's so lovely to write on?

There's no reason to feel bad about running out of stationery. Still, personalised stationery is a great option if you're looking for an easy way to give one lucky couple something they'll actually use (and want). This gift has the added benefit of being both budget-friendly and thoughtful. You can personalise it by creating custom envelopes with names or messages written on them or even by filling out entire cards in your own handwriting (making them extra unique).

A Custom Wedding Photo Album or Fridge Magnet

For your newlyweds, a photo album or magnet is an excellent gift. If you're feeling creative, you can design custom photo albums and fridge magnets using a website like The Good Road.

For the album itself, consider including the following:

  • A photo of the bride and groom from their wedding day (or another special event associated with their relationship; maybe their first date?)
  • Pictures from their engagement shoot(s), if applicable
  • Pictures of them with their families (i.e., parents as well as siblings)

wedding gifts

Making a Wedding Gift Memorable

You can choose from many different types of wedding gifts: traditional ones like Ganesh & Laxmi Idols, and even more personal presents such as scented candles or kinky games!

You'll know what works best when considering what kind of person you're shopping for (they might want practical items over sentimental ones). Make sure that when choosing something unique and memorable, they appreciate how much thought went into making it memorable just because they're worth celebrating on such an important day!

wedding gifts

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