Useful Bridesmaid Gift That Your Bestie Will Love

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There are a few things that are more stressful than wedding planning. From choosing the venue to deciding on a menu, there's a lot of pressure to have everything go perfectly. The one thing that can help you stay calm is having your besties by your side through it all!

It cannot be easy to know what to get your bridesmaids as a gift to show your appreciation for their support and friendship. After all, they have likely been there for you through the planning process, offered advice and guidance, and will stand by your side on your big day.

When it comes to choosing a gift for your bridesmaid, you should choose something that is not only thoughtful but also useful.

So, what’s a useful bridesmaid gift that your bestie will love? Well, we’ve got some amazing ideas for you.

Personalised Planners

One idea for a useful bridesmaid gift is a wedding planner book or planner app. This can help your bridesmaid keep track of all the details leading up to the big day, from vendor appointments and budgets to seating arrangements and timelines.


Another useful gift for a bridesmaid is a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes to wear on the big day. Your bridesmaid will be on her feet for much of the day, and a comfortable pair of shoes can help her stay comfortable and happy. You can even have the shoes personalised with her initials or the wedding date.

Personalised Jewellery

One option is to go the traditional route and get your bridesmaids matching jewellery or other accessories to wear on the wedding day. This could be something simple, like a pair of earrings or a bracelet, or something more elaborate, like a necklace or a brooch. Not only will this add a cohesive look to your bridal party, but it will also serve as a keepsake for your bridesmaids to remember the day.

Suppose you want to give something a little more personal. In that case, consider giving your bridesmaid a custom piece of jewellery.

Cosy Slippers

Slippers are an excellent choice if you're stuck for gifts for your bridesmaids. Slippers are practical and easy to transport, so it's easy to give them as a gift even if you live far away from each other. They also make great personalised gifts because you can add the bridesmaid's initials or a design of your preference.

A Digital Photo Frame

It is a great gift that your bridesmaid will love and use. She can fill it with photos of herself, her family, her friends, and even the bride and groom. You can also include pictures from important life events or memories that you've shared together over the years.

If you want to get even craftier (or if your friend is into scrapbooking), you could print some photos out on card stock paper. Insert them into an album, and make a scrapbook album for her! This would be especially fun if you have lots of pictures from past trips or parties or even pictures from your bachelorette party. You can choose the ones that look cute in frames but aren't great for printing out digitally. Depending on how many pages there are in the album, this could make a really sweet memento for years to come!

Self-Care Essentials

Another idea for a bridesmaid gift is to give your bestie a set of self-care essentials like spa products, such as bath bombs, body scrubs, and candles. It can help her relax and unwind during the busy weeks leading up to the wedding and will be a much-needed treat after the big day.

For example, you could include the following:

  • A luxury-scented candle.
  • A cosy throw blanket.
  • A nice bottle of wine.
  • Some gourmet chocolates.

You could also include some pampering products, such as bath salts, face masks, and lotions. To make the gift even more special, you can personalise each item with the bridesmaid's initials or the wedding date. It will add a personal touch and make the gift feel extra special.

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bridesmaid gifts

Personalised Bridesmaid Hampers

Another great idea for a bridesmaid gift is a personalised gift hamper. It can include a variety of items that are tailored to the bridesmaid's interests and preferences.

You could also get custom-made monogrammed robes for your bridesmaids to wear while getting ready on the big day. Also, you can gift custom-engraved champagne flutes to raise a toast during the reception. You can also add photos from your wedding day or a personal note to your bestie as a special touch!

The possibilities are endless, and a custom gift will show your bridesmaids just how much they mean to you.

A personalised gift hamper is a great option for a bridesmaid gift. It's practical, thoughtful, and can be tailored to the individual bridesmaid's tastes. It's sure to be appreciated and enjoyed by your bestie on her big day.

bridesmaid gifts

Adding a Personal Touch to your Bridesmaid Gifts

No matter what type of gift you choose, it's important to make sure that it comes from the heart and is something that your bridesmaids will truly appreciate. Consider their individual tastes and interests when selecting a gift, and be sure to include a personal note thanking them for their support and friendship. By putting thought and care into the gift, you can show your bridesmaids just how much you value their presence in your life.

It's not just an occasion to get their names printed on something but also a thoughtful way to say thank you for everything they have done for you throughout this journey.

Plus, tons of customisable options allow you to show off some personality while also having fun customising the gift with meaningful details.


The list of gift ideas goes on; something for everyone and every type of friend. So, pick a gift that your bestie can use past your big day; something gorgeous and thoughtful.

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