Return Gifts for Wedding: Traditional VS Modern Options

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Return Gifts for Wedding

Weddings are a special occasion that unites loved ones to commemorate the couple's love and form lasting memories that will be treasured for a long time. Return gifts are a great way for the couple to show appreciation to their guests and relatives for being a part of their special day. However, choosing the perfect wedding return gift can be a daunting task. It should be meaningful, unique, and cherished by the guests. In this blog, we will discuss traditional and modern options for wedding return gifts to bring a smile to your loved ones' faces.

Importance of Thoughtful Wedding Return Gifts  

Inviting your near and dear ones to a wedding is a major thing in Indian families. However, as memorable as the wedding was, it’s equally important to think of unforgettable wedding return gift ideas for relatives as they bid farewell. Here’s why -  

Express Gratitude: 

It’s necessary to express your gratitude to the guests by gifting them thoughtful return gifts. Thanking them for their glorious presence during the wedding, and the effort and time required to attend the same needs to be appreciated.  

Make Them Feel Valued: 

Weddings are incomplete without the presence of the extended family and other close relations, so after the wedding, it’ll make the guests feel valued if they are sent home with a gift in hand, which symbolizes that they are significant. 

Wedding Memorabilia: 

Wedding return gifts act as the perfect wedding memorabilia for the guests to remember the wedding by. It becomes a long-lasting memory for them of this special day, especially if it’s something meaningful and practical.   

Traditional Return Gifts ideas for Wedding

In India, return gifts for wedding are an integral part of the culture. They are exchanged as a symbol of love and gratitude. Traditionally, return gifts were given to guests as a token of appreciation and to show respect for their presence. These gifts are usually practical and useful items that are also culturally significant. Here are some traditional options for wedding return gifts:

  • Silverware: Silverware is one of the most popular traditional gifts for weddings. It is considered auspicious and a symbol of good luck. Silverware items such as plates, bowls, glasses, and spoons are often engraved with the couple's initials or wedding date.
  • Brass Items: Brass items such as candle stands, idols, and decorative pieces are popular traditional gifts. These items are considered to bring prosperity and good fortune to the recipient.

Return Gifts for Wedding

  • Sweets and Dry Fruits: Sweets and dry fruits are a common gift in Indian weddings. They symbolise sweetness and happiness and are usually presented in beautifully decorated boxes.

Return Gifts for Wedding

  • Potli Bags: Potli bags are small drawstring bags made of silk, cotton, or velvet. These bags are often filled with traditional items such as sweets, bangles, or henna cones.
  • Puja Thali: A Puja Thali is a plate used during religious ceremonies. It is often made of silver or brass and is adorned with intricate designs. These plates are a popular traditional gift as they are considered auspicious.

Modern Return Gifts ideas for Wedding

In recent years, modern return gifts for wedding have become very popular in India. These gifts are usually personalised, quirky, and practical. Here are some modern options for wedding return gifts:

  • Personalised Gifts: Personalised gifts are an excellent option for wedding return gifts. They range from personalised coasters, photo frames, and key chains to customised coffee mugs and T-shirts.

Return Gifts for Wedding

  • Green Hampers: Green hampers are becoming a popular choice for couples looking to promote sustainability with their wedding return gifts. These eco-friendly hampers often contain items made from natural and organic materials. Examples include bamboo toothbrushes, metal straws, reusable water bottles, cotton tote bags, and recycled paper notebooks.

Return Gifts for Wedding

  • Food Hampers: Food hampers are a trendy option for wedding return gifts. These hampers can include a variety of food items, such as artisanal chocolates, teas, cookies, spreads, and organic snacks.

Return Gifts for Wedding

  • Beauty and Wellness Products: Beauty and wellness products such as organic soaps, scented candles, and essential oils are also popular modern gifts. These products are a great way to pamper your guests and help them unwind.
  • Spa Hampers: Spa hampers are a great way to help your guests relax and unwind after a long day of festivities. The hampers can contain various items like bath salts, scented candles, and massage oils.

Return Gifts for Wedding

  • Tech Accessories: Tech accessories such as phone cases, pop sockets, and wireless chargers are popular gifts, especially among younger guests.
  • Chocolate Hampers: Chocolate hampers are a popular option for wedding return gifts, especially for guests with a sweet tooth. These hampers can include a variety of chocolates, truffles, and chocolate bars.

Return Gifts for Wedding

  • Tea and Coffee Hampers: Providing tea and coffee hampers is an excellent way to spoil your guests and ensure they begin their day positively. These hampers can include a variety of premium tea and coffee blends, along with a tea infuser or coffee press.

Return Gifts for Wedding

The Significance of Wedding Return Gifts

Wedding return gifts hold great significance in many cultures around the world. They symbolise gratitude and respect for the guests who have taken the time to attend the wedding and share in the couple's happiness. In certain cultures, it is customary to give wedding return gifts as they are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the receiver. By offering a thoughtful and personalised gift, the couple can express their appreciation and create lasting memories for their guests.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Return Gifts for Wedding

Selecting the ideal wedding return gift can be challenging due to the multitude of options available. Keep these factors in mind when making your choice:

  • Cultural Significance: If you come from a culture with specific customs and traditions, it's important to consider these when selecting a gift. For example, in some Indian weddings, silverware is considered auspicious and is often given as a gift.
  • Budget: It's important to set a budget for wedding return gifts and choose items that fit within that budget. Hampers can be a cost-effective option, as they allow multiple items to be included.
  • Personalisation: Personalised gifts are a great way to make guests feel valued and appreciated. Consider adding a personal touch, such as engraving the guest's name or including a handwritten note.
  • Practicality: It's important to choose a gift that guests can use and enjoy. Avoid overly specific or impractical items, as they may end up being discarded or unused.

Traditional vs Modern Wedding Return Gifts: What to Choose?

As mentioned earlier, wedding return gifts can be traditional or modern in nature. Traditional gifts often have cultural significance and may be practical items such as silverware or brass idols. On the other hand, modern gifts may be more personalised and include items such as tech accessories or gourmet hampers. Ultimately, choosing between traditional and modern wedding return gifts will depend on personal preferences and cultural beliefs.

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There’s no dearth of wedding return gifts that you can give to the guests as a token of appreciation during their farewell. The significance of this small gesture holds great value for the attendees as it extends your gratitude towards them for being a part of their happy occasion. Between traditional and modern gifts, you can select the one that syncs with your preferences and elevate the wedding even more.  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the return gifts for weddings?  

Return gifts for marriage are a way of expressing your gratitude towards the guests for taking out time to be a part of your grand day.   

Do you have to give back wedding gifts?  

Wedding gifts are an extension of the guest’s blessings to the married duo; therefore, you don’t have to give them back.  

What is a decent wedding gift?  

A decent wedding gift includes cookware, appliances, experiential gifts, etc. A personalized gift will convey your thoughtfulness in selecting a gift.  

What is the exchange of gifts in marriage?  

The exchange of gifts in marriage is one of the ways to celebrate the happy occasion. It symbolizes a mutual bond and respect between the two families.  

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