Oh Womaniya, Wah Womaniya!

Women's Day

She is Caring.
She is Loving.
She is Confident.
She is Committed.
She is free-Spirited.
She is More and Beyond.
She is a Woman!

Our lives revolve around women and they impact us in different avatars. From being a caring mother, loveable wife, dearest sister, supportive friend, encouraging boss and cooperative colleague; life would be incomplete without a Woman.

Every year, March 8th is celebrated as International Women's Day to salute the women who relentlessly support us every single day. Sale, discounts, shopping vouchers and many more options come our way to gift the special women in our lives.

However, at The Good Road, gifting is an emotion and most of our team members are women hence, we thought why not have Women's Day hampers that blend the emotion of gifting women on that day and also celebrate women's undying support.

At The Good Road, a lot of thought process goes into creating the gift hampers and for this Women's Day, we not only asked the girl gang but, also asked the men at The Good Road to share their thoughts on what they would like to give the special women in their life.

The responses from the team were crazy! But, what made us happy was that people have moved from relating women with just chocolates, flowers, jewellery to much more.

Considering that women are making their mark in every field, we at The Good Road decided to curate Women's Day hampers that celebrate Womanhood in all its shades and styles.

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