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Occasional Corporate Gift Hampers: Tailored Gifts for Every Time of Year


Corporate gifts for employees


Corporate gifting is one of the major strategies that several businesses adopt to enhance their brand image, stay in touch with existing and prospective clients, employees, executives, and other stakeholders. However, the right timing is important when indulging in the act of corporate gifting.  

Don’t panic, we’re here to guide you along the way as to what all you need to keep in mind when it comes to occasional corporate gift hampers. From which occasions are the right ones to what to give during these times, we’ll cover it all.  

Benefits of Occasional Corporate Gift Hampers 

For those thinking if it’s worth investing in gift hampers for corporate purposes, then let me clarify this for you, it’s immensely significant. Not just for building relations but for the overall growth of your business. Here are the reasons in detail: 

Builds connection with prospective clients: 

Every business thrives on gaining new clientele and corporate gift hampers are the perfect way to do so. By sending corporate gifts to your prospective clients, you might just push them to sign the deal with you. Yes, that’s the power corporate gifts hold on the recipients.  

Maintain relations with existing stakeholders: 

A company is nothing without the contribution of the various stakeholders, including employees, clients, partners, executives, etc. So, to maintain a healthy and professional relationship with them for a lasting connection, gifting them on specific occasions is the trick.  

Boosts employee motivation: 

Giving corporate gift hampers to employees works wonders in retaining their loyalty towards the company and boosting their motivation. According to a study by the University of Warwick Department of Economics in England, an employee’s productivity increases by at least 12% when they are happy at work. 

Enhances Brand Image: 

Lastly, sending out corporate gifts to the various stakeholders enhances your brand image and allows you to leave a lasting impact on their minds. The gift hamper you give to them showcases your company’s values and philosophies, indirectly helping your brand create a space for itself in the industry.  

Corporate Gift Hampers for Employees on Different Occasions 

There are certain occasions that call for gifting corporate hampers and we’ll be covering a few of the most important ones in this section.  

Diwali Corporate Gift Hampers  

Being one of the primary festivals in India, Diwali is a time when several businesses indulge in the act of corporate gifting. Some occasions call for a gift hamper and since Diwali is an auspicious time for everyone, missing out on Diwali gift hampers for corporate stakeholders might be a big mistake. 

This festival is also one where many businesses will try to make hay while the sun shines, so it’s important for your Diwali gift to be distinct and unique in the sea of gifts. Make sure to give something that leaves a lasting impression on them.  

So, you can gift the following hampers in your company to acknowledge the efforts of your employees, loyalty of your clients, and future business with your prospective stakeholders. 

Diwali Extravagance (Diwali Delight 1): 

This gift hamper is the embodiment of Diwali, thanks to the plethora of items in it that illuminate this festival for the recipient. With almonds and cashews in potlis, a shot glass aroma flower candle, assorted tea bags, and meetha paan mini chocolate bar, you can rest assured that it’ll be a memorable gift.


Corporate gifts for employees



Diwali Delight (Diwali Delight 18): 

This elegant Diwali gift hamper includes rooh rose incense cones, shot glass aroma flower candle, and pink seed balls. Packed in a pink triangle paper box along with a Diwali greeting card, this hamper will be the perfect representative of your brand.  


Corporate gifts for employees


Festive Diwali Basket (Diwali Delight 29):  

Make this Diwali a special one for your clients, employees, executives, etc. By gifting them this festive green basket filled with seed chidhwa pouch, cracker chocolates, potpurri, chamomile green tea, and rooh kewra incense cones. The gorgeous flower decor and a Diwali greeting card make the entire hamper Diwali-ready.  


Corporate gifts for employees


Employee Birthday Corporate Gift Hampers  

The next occasion that calls for a gift is your employees’ birthday. Celebrating this special day for your employees strengthens their loyalty toward the company as well. Let’s look at some of our suggestions.  


Snack Sensations: 

Who doesn’t love a hamper filled with snacks? Gift your employees this delectable gift, which includes an array of food products like Ginger Ale, Kurkure, Vegan Cheddar Chickpea Puffs, Green Apple drink, and much more.  


Corporate gifts for employees


Won-derful Hamper: 

A gift to your employees is a token of your appreciation and you can celebrate their birthday with this wonderful hamper. It includes a Basik teacup with coasters, vanilla instant coffee, caramel sea salt cookie dough, pineapple jar, and more packed in a premium leatherette round box 


Corporate gifts for employees


Thank You Hamper 

This premium leatherette trunk is filled with essentials like a laptop sleeve, leather notebook, a pen with a box, speaker, tech organizer, and more. It’s the perfect gift for your hard-working employee on their birthday, and a way for you to express gratitude for their dedication to the company. 


Corporate gifts for employees


Employee Onboarding Corporate Gift Hampers  

Corporate gifts for employees are a must, especially when they are joining the company as it shows good faith and creates a brand image as well. You can check out these gifts that are ideal for onboarding employees. 


Thank You Basket: 

Elevate your gifting game with this eco-friendly gift hamper, which includes a daily planner, wooden pencil set, forest trail candle, plant in a planter, cranberry dragees, and a lot more. A handwritten notecard adds a personal touch to the gift basket, making it even more impressionable.   


Corporate gifts for employees


Gratifying Hamper: 

Welcome the new employees with this sleek and stylish onboarding hamper. With a mug, power bank, Treat chocolates, and Quinoa Puffs packed in a premium leatherette box along with a personalized printed notecard, you can rest assured that this gift will create a long-lasting brand image. 


Corporate gifts for employees


Classy Glassy Hamper 

A gift box with your company’s branding speaks volumes for your brand, so get your hands on this acrylic top bottom box. It consists of blueberry cheesecake tea, easy pour, cork jar orange candle, almond chocolate bar, and much more.  


Corporate gifts for employees


New Year Corporate Gift Hampers 

Wishing your corporate stakeholders a happy new year with gift hampers is the right way to do so. These gifts are some of the best ones to convey your best wishes for the new year.  


To New Beginnings (Christmas Hamper #5): 

This gorgeous gift hamper exuding a warm and cozy winter vibe is in sync with the new year theme. With a blend of products, such as classic hot chocolate, snowman socks, Pumpkin spice soy wax aroma candle, and almond brittles, this hamper will be spreading cheer all around.  


Corporate gifts for employees


Holiday Hamper: 

Nothing spells festive better than this hamper, which emanates a cheerful vibe, thanks to the items in it. From customized black mug, hot chocolate mix, cinnamon sticks to mini marshmallows, a throw blanket, and more, this hamper is the definition of holiday vibes.  


Corporate gifts for employees


Festive Cheer Hamper (Christmas Hamper #7): 

This dreamy gift box has our hearts, with its beautiful decor and assortment of products, such as a caramel crisp popcorn tin, concrete candle holder, candy mug, and so on. Every item in the hamper screams holiday cheer and is perfect for professional gift-giving.  


Corporate gifts for employees


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Now that we’ve established why corporate gifting is a winning strategy for businesses, it’s important to keep in mind the factors that make corporate gifts distinct from generic ones. Gifting during specific occasions in the corporate world can turn out to be an excellent way for you to bag potential clients, stay connected with existing ones, and ensure a positive work culture among employees, executives, and other stakeholders. At The Good Road, you can find the perfect gift hamper for every occasion.