Lessons learnt from 2021

2022 New Year

If 2020 is engraved in time as a life-changing year, 2021 can be called the best teaching year. Wondering why? After the phase of lockdown when the world slowly started getting back to normalcy, it is 2021 that made people slowly accept the new normal and also the hope that good times are to come.

So, this is what The Good Road learnt from 2021 which we carry forward for a better 2022:

  • Be Responsive:

We all know change is the only constant thing that exists. So, the first thing that 2021 taught us is "Change is inevitable but to be able to change quickly is the need of the hour." Amidst the chaos of businesses coming to a standstill, we were happily surprised to see a demand and later a spike for gifting. This trend can be attributed to the fact that as people followed social distancing, the only way to reach out to near ones was through gifting. This led to the introduction of interesting concepts for gifting. We also saw new gifting businesses popping up and taking inspiration from our concepts.

  • Digital Branding Matters:

We always knew the digital presence was important in terms of brand building and visibility. But 2021 made us explore bigger horizons of the digital space. When we started off, our business goal focussed on on-ground expansion. But 2021 made us change our course to expand digitally. We understood the power of digital space to keep our customers engaged, build our niche and cater to a wider audience.

  • Team Management:

The Good Road started with a small team, but now as the business is growing, we have realized that we need more people. However, hiring more people into a team that has been since inception, was a hard call to take. But, this year, we made that call and have been meticulously following the rule, "The right person at the right job," which has made a huge impact on our efficiency.

  • Health and Safety:

This has always been a priority but with the outbreak of the pandemic, we have been focussing on health and safety more. Considering that we deal in an industry wherein most of the action happens on the ground, the only way to balance work and life and survive was to "Stay Safe." We not only take utmost care at our workplace, but because we source products from a lot of vendors, we have also created a mechanism to ensure that our vendors also follow health and safety measures.

  • Work-life Balance:

Work-Life balance has always been the favourite phrase for business entities. However, it was the pandemic that actually made us all understand and implement the same. Thus, at The Good Road, we strive to strictly take fun breaks, have gatherings and ensure to have a personal connect with our vendors to ensure they are fine.  

Packed with these core lessons and filled with new plans and goals, The Good Road is all set to explore 2022 and we hope for a great new year for us and all!

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