How much should you spend on a Wedding Gift?

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If you're attending a friend or family member's wedding this season, it's natural to be curious about how much money you should spend on a gift. Of course, etiquette varies from culture to culture and even from country to country. In India, it's customary for wedding guests to give gifts that reflect the bride's and groom's interests. If you need help determining what kind of presents they'd like, try asking them directly or their near and dear ones.

Things to Keep in Mind While Deciding on the Budget

"How much should I spend on a wedding gift?" is one of the most commonly asked questions among guests. And there are many answers!

First, it's important to understand that brides and grooms strive to make their weddings memorable. While they don't expect guests to spend a fortune on gifts, they get touched by the thoughtfulness behind them.

The gift size depends on several factors, such as how well you know the couple and how much they spent on your invitation. Also, consider whether this is a destination wedding or not—couples who are hosting outside of their hometowns may have spent more than usual because they had to rent out an entire venue instead of using their own home as their wedding venue.

That said, here are a few more questions to ask yourself while settling on a budget for wedding gifts.

How Much Did the Couple Spend on your Invitation?

Getting an invitation to a wedding is exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking. The cost of the invitation is an important consideration for you and your pocketbook. The invitation's cost will give you insight into how much money the couple spent on their wedding.

The cost of the invitation is often a good indicator of how much money was spent on other aspects of their big day.

How Many People are Invited?

A brand-new couple with a few friends or family close by might not expect anything fancy. But if they're old friends or family members with lots of people in their inner circle, they're likely to receive a lot of cash and expensive gifts. So consider how many guests will be attending the wedding, who they are, and your relationship with the bride and groom. Also, consider what else might happen during the event: Is it an extravagant destination wedding? An intimate ceremony at home? Or somewhere in between? An extravagant wedding venue may be your cue for fairly expensive wedding gifts.

Is this a Destination Wedding?

Is this a destination wedding? If so, you'll want to bring something extra special. But if it's a local wedding, you can get away with something simple and sweet.

That said, it's important to check what the couple is covering regarding the trip's expenses to the destination. The couple may have covered your travel expenses and hotel room. You can also expect to be responsible for your own food and drink costs and any entertainment expenses you may incur while attending. This can add up quickly, so consider whether to splurge on an expensive gift or save money by buying something less costly.

Who are you Attending the Wedding with?

If you're celebrating your friend or colleague's marriage with a group or family, it can take time to figure out what kind of gift to get. Here are some options for those who prefer to keep it under wraps when it comes to wedding-related presents:

  • Combine your money and buy a larger, more extravagant present than any one person could afford on their own.
  • Ask if there's anything specific they would like from you (maybe they have something in mind that they'll mention at the party). If so, buy it! This shows them how much thought went into the gift without giving away clues about who bought what items. It also avoids situations where someone else might feel slighted because they didn't get first dibs on something very special the bride or groom requested—or worse yet, never even knew such an item existed!

Can you Give a Group Wedding Gift?

Many couples choose to ask for a group gift instead of individual presents. This can be a great way to save money and buy your favourite couple something bigger and better than you would normally be able to get them. But what do you do if you still want to get them something personal?

A few things need to be decided when arranging a group wedding gift: What will the gift be? How much should it cost? Who pays for it? And how will it be presented?

While group gifting, it's always best to settle for a gift hamper that's not personal yet not too formal. You and the group can gift a personalised wedding gift hamper and add a personal note as a group.

wedding gifts

Can you Give Money as a Wedding Gift?

Some people love the idea of giving money as a wedding gift. It's an excellent option for couples getting married and starting out in life, especially if you know they're struggling financially. After all, money can be used for something they need or want. It can be used to pay for the honeymoon or other expenses related to starting as newlyweds. You can even gift it differently: several apps now allow you to send money directly from your phone or computer without having to send an actual cheque or cash! The amount is up to you.

Why personalised gifts may be the best option

When it comes to wedding gifts, there are plenty of options out there. But if you're looking for something that's both thoughtful, practical, and can fit any budget, personalised gifts might be the way to go.

We all know the struggle of picking out a gift for someone we care about: We want it to be something they'll love and use, but we don't want to spend too much money on something they'll just toss in a closet somewhere. Personalised gifts solve this problem by being both functional and thoughtful.

Personalised wedding gifts are also great because they show that you went out of your way (and maybe spent a little money) to pick something special for them. You can get the couple a personalised wedding gift as per your budget.

wedding gifts


There's no hard-and-fast rule for how much to spend on a wedding gift. What matters most is giving from the heart! Your gift should express your appreciation for the couple's relationship and the role you want to play in it moving forward.

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