How Holi 2021 is a changed affair

Holi 2021

From the myriad colours on the streets to the rainbow-hued sarees, India has a vibrant palette of colours. This colourful diversity is enlivened during the much-awaited festival of Holi which marks the onset of a cheerful spring.

Holi has long been defined as the day when the streets and faces are painted in red & blue, and friends and families come together to dance on classic Bollywood tunes. At the heart of it all, Holi remains a festival of love, prosperity, and unity. 

However, in the new normal, owing to the Pandemic, people are wary of grand parties, and rightly so. But social distancing does not have to mean that we distance ourselves from relishing the traditions and the shenanigans of the festival. 

Retaining the charm and bliss of HOLI, the festival of colours, The Good Road brings you “2021 Holi Hampers”, crafted with love and care, to help you celebrate a happy, safe, and environmentally conscious Holi.
         Happy Holi

  • Eco-friendly Holi

While we paint our faces rainbow this Holi, let's also paint the earth green. 

The Good Road’s Eco-Friendly Holi Hampers are specially curated to celebrate the festival while minimising the impact on the environment. Using alternatives that are both natural and beautiful, our hampers would make sure that your celebration is both chic and conscious.

  • Mithai Trunk Box

What's an Indian Festival without the sweets?

Send your friends and family a message of love through The Good Road’s beautiful and exquisite Mithai trunk box that captures the true essence of Holi.

  • Safe Holi

“Have a happy and safe Holi” was just a casual greeting before Covid-19.

Well, now it means to wear a mask, sanitise, and social distance. Our safe Holi hampers are here to ensure a fun-filled festival without compromising on safety.

  • First Holi after Wedding

First festivals after marriage are always a special and memorable experience.

Complete this small but significant milestone with our thoughtful gift boxes that would bring the warmth of the festival to you and your family.

From all of us at The Good Road, we wish you a happy, safe, and blissful Holi!

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