How can you make a romantic evening more memorable?

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 How can you make a romantic evening more memorable

Love is something that multiplies as it's shared. if you already have someone in your life that makes you happy, you're among the lucky ones! As a couple, no matter how old your relationship is, it's important to have moments where you can spend time with each other and let the love blossom. Romantic date evenings are a great way to do it! If you want to spend time with your loved one but are not sure what to do or how to make it memorable, here's a guide to help you.

Here are some date night ideas - from setting the mood to finding the perfect gift for couples. They are sure to add spice, colour and romance to your special evening.

1. Engage in some couple-games

While a traditional game like Jenga can also make your evening a lot of fun, specially designed couple games are sure to add the cherry on the top. Among the most popular couple games are intimacy card games like Love Uno or dice kinky couple games that are sure to keep the spark alive by combining thrill and romance. Explore The Good road's kinky hamper.

 kinky hamper

2. Bring something personalised

Your one-of-a-kind partner deserves a one-of-a-kind gift! Some gifts stay with you forever, and personalised keepsakes are among them. Engraved initials in jewellery or personalised mugs are simple yet thoughtful. If you want to make it extra unique, how about a Spotify QR code with their favourite song and your picture? Surprise your significant other with the gifts that say "You're the one". Shop The Good Road's gift for couples here.

Basket of love 

3. Enjoy a romantic movie

Watching movies is one of the classic romantic ideas and it still works! Although Netflix might have substituted rented DVDs, the fun of watching a movie together is irreplaceable. Put on a romantic movie, get snug on the sofa with some popcorn and blankets, and relax. And if you're wondering what to watch, don't worry. Here is a list of movies to watch with your partner.

4. Bring them flowers

Among all the gifts that are trendy or old, flowers never go out of fashion. Show your partner that they're still special by buying them a bouquet of their favourite flowers or let the traditional stunning red rose do its trick! Side note for women- men also like flowers, so don't shy away from getting your boyfriend/husband a beautiful bouquet! Shop The Good Road's stunning red rose hamper for your loved one. 

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5. Go down the memory lane

Reminiscing about the good moments you've had in the past is a great approach to reconnecting with your loved one. Go down the memory lane with your partner by sharing your favourite pictures together or asking each other about the times they cherish the most. You'll get to revisit a lot of funny and sentimental moments together that would remind you why you're together.

6. Unwind with a Spa session

In our busy lives, we all need more time to unwind and relax. Get some quiet time with your partner with a special spa session. You'll experience the tranquility of massages, essential oils, and scented candles- a delight for mind, body and soul! Book a spa at a rejuvenation centre or become each other's masseuses (we definitely recommend the later!)

7. Get to know them better

When we're so close to someone, we think we know everything about them but surely that's not true. Part of the appeal of first dates is that you learn so much about the person so why restrict that curiosity and revelation in your 10th or 100th date? A romantic evening is a great time to get to know your partner more deeply. You can play a rapid round of 20 fun questions or ask some open-ended philosophical questions and let the conversations steer the night! Here's a list of 40 date night questions to get you started.

8. Exchange love letters

Often words accomplish what nothing else can. At a time when our love messages are usually ILY or emojis, take the time to express your feelings to your loved one in an old-fashioned love letter. Opt for this old-school approach and make your date night even more memorable with heartfelt notes. A great way to spice up your next date with some wholesomeness and romance!

9. Set the mood with the right candles

The romance lies in the little details, especially the lights and the aroma that contribute to the setting. Whether you want to dance all night, or just slow down and relax, candles are the best way to set the ideal mood. Scented candles like Rose are the go-to option for a romantic setting. With the power of aromatherapy, romance would literally be in the air!

10. Engage in art

Indulge in the little pleasures that bring you closer to your partner. Having individual interests is important, but a fantastic way to bond with your significant other is to try something new together. Cooking, pottery, and poetry are all great options. Another creative way is to paint together wherein you can express your thoughts through colours. And the best part is- you don't need to be a professional! Simply bring some colours and let your companion and you paint your heart out.

11. Celebrate with the traditional wine and chocolates

Nothing says romance like the traditional wine and chocolates. So, if you're looking to add something special to your date night, don't look further. Pop open the wine bottle you have been saving for a special occasion, after all, what could be more special than quality time spent with the one you love? If you're at home, try the ultimate romantic combo of chocolate and wine - the perfect gift for couples.

 chocolate & wine gift basket

With these romantic ideas, you can make your special evening even more memorable. You and your partner deserve to feel special. True love is hard to come by, so when it does, make sure you don't wait for special occasions to celebrate it. For more gift ideas, visit The Good Road's special collection of gift for couples.

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