Gearing Up for 2022

2022 New Year

Some things never change. Infact, some things we never want to change! One such thing is, "Planning for the New Year."

As we all eagerly wait for the clock to tick 12' we are sure that we all have made that list at the back of our favourite dairy that says: My New Year Plan! Isn't it? So, did we ;)

2021 has been great with some amazing learnings and the result is our 2022 plan. 

  • When we speak of Gifting, the common cliche is that- Gifting is for occasions or festivals only or gifting is for specific loved ones like friends, couples and parents. But, The Good Road aims to ignite the emotion that, "Gifting needs an emotion and not always an occasion."
    Driven by this thought, we wish to cater to different age groups and celebrate all kinds of bonds and moments. 

  • A Hindi proverb when translated says, "No gift is big or small, it is the intention that defines how precious it is." We at The Good Road strongly believe in this and therefore, wish to cater to all sizes of orders i.e. bulk, limited and special as well.
  • We wish to bring in more shades to our gifting options by embracing innovation in packaging, finding more engaging elements that can be part of the gift boxes, and engage with artists who would give new dimensions to our vision of gifting.

  • The journey to creating a hamper is filled with a lot of stories that have inspired us as individuals and as a business. We wish to bring these stories to the forefront. Now you may think how? To know that, you need to watch out this space. 

Just like we always have the habit of leaving a few lines above and below the page to make notes, we at The Good Road are all excited to experience new things that will lead to adding up the list of 2022. 

Oh by the way, what are your 2022 plans? We would love to know...

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