Entrepreneurship needs a GPS

How many of you remember the first time you cycled?

There would have been someone holding the cycle from behind as you tried peddling, right? Though you were scared as the balance was off, you were sure you wouldn't fall because someone is holding you.

That's exactly the mantra that applies to everything done for the first time.

When my sister and I decided to embark on The Good Road journey, we had no clue of handling a business, neither did we have a mentor to help us pick the threads of the trade.

So, our mentor has been our experiences. Every time we faced a hurdle, we would take calls based on the situation. The experiences including developing the website, absconding vendors, streamlining inventory, client management, and more.

Now when I look back, it feels nice to romanticize the hurdles by saying, "We learnt from our mistakes," but in reality, it was crazy!

Therefore, when someone asks me, one advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, I say, "Have a mentor to guide you."

You may say, does a mentor guarantee that you will not face failures or setbacks?

How many times has it happened that you drove on an unknown path using a GPS? Has it never happened that you landed up taking a wrong turn?

But, did you stop using GPS altogether?
No, because, the moment you take a wrong turn, the GPS says, "Rerouting."

That's exactly what a mentor does. There is nothing wrong with failing.

True failure is when you don't learn from them.

So, with a mentor, you not only reduce the chances of failing but, ensure that you learn from your every failure and get back on track.

Hence, no matter where you're stuck in your business, feel free to talk about it with people and ask for help. On that note, we want to let you all know that team TGR is here for all fellow business owners, wanting to start or struggling to find a direction in their business that, you can lean on us and ask for help.

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