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Custom Corporate Gift Sets for a Personalized Touch


corporate gift set


Corporate gifts have always been the go-to strategy for many businesses, and why shouldn’t it be? If sending custom corporate gift sets allows your company to stand out from your competitors, create a positive brand image, and express goodwill towards your employees, then this is an activity that every business should go for.  

Now, you might ask why custom gifts? Well, you’re not the only one who got the idea of sending a gift to your client. There are many fishes in the corporate sea that are indulging in this gesture, so to make your gift distinct, a customized hamper is what will set you apart. As for giving a personalized gift to an employee, this gesture reflects your appreciation for them, making the gift more meaningful. Need more convincing? Let us help you out.  

Importance of Personalized Corporate Gifts 

Personalized corporate gifts hold great importance in the corporate world. If you must choose between a personalized gift and a non-personalized one, I’d suggest going for the former and here’s why - 

Adds a Personal Touch:  

Gifts that are customized as per the recipient reflect the thoughtful efforts of the giver and add a personal touch to the whole thing. Also, a gift that is specifically curated for a person, makes it more special and meaningful.  

Build a Distinct Brand Image: 

A personalized corporate gift set will create a more positive brand image for the recipient and build brand trust as well. After all, gifts have a language of their own and a giver’s intentions are reflected in the gift they give to their prospective clients, employees, partners, etc.  

Increases Sales and Productivity: 

The power of a custom corporate gift set is reflected immensely in your company’s sales and the productivity of the employees, partners, and executives. Since the personalized gift is appreciated by the recipients, there are more chances of those prospective clients turning into existing ones, existing ones bringing in more sales.  

Perfect Occasions for Gifting Custom Corporate Hampers 

Giving a gift to someone doesn’t require an occasion, but when it comes to corporate gifting, you must find the right time to hit the iron when it’s hot. So, here are a few occasions that will be perfect for gifting your corporate stakeholders.  


Diwali is one of the major Indian festivals which calls for sending out custom corporate gift sets to your employees, partners, clients, and other stakeholders. The gesture of sending them good wishes on this day elevates the image of your brand to a whole other level. So, plan ahead of time regarding Diwali gift hampers for corporate. 


It’s of utmost importance to not miss out on any upcoming birthdays and anniversaries of your corporate stakeholders. A gift that wishes them on this special day reflects your thoughtfulness and keeps your brand refreshed in the back of their mind. So, strengthen your bond with employees, clients, and others by giving a gift on their birthdays and anniversaries.  

Corporate Events: 

Corporate events are another occasion when a professional gift can go in your stead and congratulate the recipient for reaching a new milestone, starting a new initiative, and so on. Such events are also ideal for the hosts to give out gifts to the invitees as a token of their appreciation for joining them for the event.  

Expressing Appreciation: 

It’s always important to express your appreciation of a job well done and to acknowledge the hard work that your employees do. So, giving your employees and executives corporate hampers that is nothing less than a pat on their back for their loyalty and dedication towards the company. So, think of employee gift ideas to retain your hard-working team. 

Best Custom Corporate Gift Sets 

Customization might include adding a handwritten notecard to the gift or a personalized product, but the impact this small addition makes is manifolds. Let’s explain this with a few personalized corporate hampers as examples.  

Gratitude Galore: 

Let's start with one of the best employee gift ideas, which includes a customized name on the basket, showcasing your care for the recipient. Along with this the items inside, such as a Jaipur planter, customized daisy candle, healing journal, personalized handwritten notecard, and more add to the charm of this gift set.   


corporate gift set


Celebratory Hamper: 

For those who don’t want too much customization (although there’s no such thing as too much customization), you can go for this graceful hamper. It includes a daily planner, Gulab kulhad, Rose Remembrance tea, Instax Mini 11 polaroid camera, and more. This gift set includes a beautifully customized printed notecard for a personal touch.    


corporate gift set


Congratulatory Hamper: 

A thoughtful gift goes a long way, and this corporate gift set including a glass sipper, Balsam and Cedar scented candle, message glass bottle, etc., is the answer to winning over clients, partners, and employees. A personalized printed tag on the Kauna basket is what elevates the appearance and meaning of this gift for the recipient.  


corporate gift set


How to Make Corporate Gifts Personalized? 

Now that we’ve established the fact that custom corporate sets are significant for growing in business, then let’s understand how to go about personalizing your gift hampers.  


Adding a simple handwritten notecard is the most thoughtful gesture that incorporates a personal touch to the gift set. Also, it expresses your thoughts to the recipient clearly, and nothing’s more ideal than that. 

Customized Box: 

If you want a more personalized gift hamper, then you can add a name on the box or basket that includes the products for a more aesthetic and personalized appearance. If it’s specifically for a company, then you can even add their logo and company’s name.  

Personalized Products: 

The next thing you can do is add products in the corporate hamper that are personalized as per the recipient person or company. The more personalized products, the more meaningful your gift becomes.  


You’re all set to shine in the corporate world with these tips and tricks in mind the next time you give custom corporate gift sets to your clients, employees, partners, or other stakeholders. You’re free to explore the various gift options available on The Good Road that are ideal for every corporate purpose, be it employee appreciation, festive gifting to client, and so on. The key is to make the gift customized for a personal touch, elevating the meaning of the gift.