This too shall pass ♥️

Covid Update

As we have learned over the past year and especially in the last month, a crisis brings you clarity about what is truly important in life. Right now that is-
Community, Courage, and Compassion.

Like so many others, we too have been juggling the personal and the professional, and it has not been easy, to say the least.

Being a growing business, we have been trying our best to take care of our team and that's not just our immediate team - it is everyone that helps us in the process from our vendors to the delivery people. It's them who have made it possible for us to continue with our operations in these tough times, and we couldn't be more grateful.

Grateful to our team

In light of the uncertainties that surround us, it is only normal to feel a certain level of anxiety or stress.
For us, taking care of our mental health has meant taking frequent breaks from the news cycle, doing more of the things that bring us joy, and allowing ourselves the space to process the collective loss we have witnessed.

Being in the Gifting & Lifestyle business, we understand the value of human connections and the one advice we'd give is to never underestimate the impact of a simple call, text, or gesture, now more than ever.

With Love & Hope
- The Good Road family -

Call your loved ones

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