Celebrating Shades of Love with The Good Road


The time of roses, cakes, chocolates, wine and music is back!

Ask anyone what is your leisure read and most of us would say Mills and Boons.

What's your leisure watch? The answer would most likely be DDLJ. Wondering what's the connect?


Love has been an emotion that binds one and all. And it is definitely an emotion that calls for expression and celebration. So, February, the month of love, The Good Road has been packing Valentine Hampers to celebrate all shades of love. And let us take you through what went into our Love Hampers?

  • For playful love:
    This year, our hampers had an element of fun games that couples can try to explore. This is for couples who love adding an angle of play and competitive spirit to their Valentine's Day. Wouldn't it be nice to play games where the loser in the game also wins in real? So, we have placed these love UNO cards, dice games with activities that the partner has to do and much more of such kinky games.

  • For the classic love:
    Times may change but our admiration for that classic, romantic and cinematic love doesn't fade. No matter who you are, what your age is and what kind of a relationship you are in, we all love that classic Shahrukh Khan eternalised style of love, filled with roses, cakes, chocolates, wine and more. Hence, we have curated hampers that have all these classic elements in abundance.

  • For the wild love:
    Everything is fair in love and war and we thought why not try some kinky and adventurous shades of love with our hampers. We all have that side in us that has some secret desires and we subtly tried to kindle them by adding elements like a blindfold, some exotic fragrance filled romance essentials and more.

  • The soothing love:
    Wine, music and roses are something that defines a perfect date. So, we managed to bring these elements into our Valentine hampers too.

  • The week-long love:
    Amidst the exclusive and unique hampers, we have also curated tiny hampers that celebrate Valentine week. So, for the love birds who wish to take the week-long celebration, we have created hampers for every single day of the week.

As we have tried to be very choosy of what goes into the box, we have been equally careful in catering to who would choose our hampers.

In the current pandemic situation wherein it is safe for couples to stay indoors or stay low key, we have curated hampers that comprise of everything that helps the couple plan a cosy dinner date at home and to be specific in their bedroom.

However, for those who are apart geographically or are in a long-distance-relationship, we have something for you too.
The LDR hampers of The Good Road nurture your "I miss you," emotion with that "I love you loads," feeling.

Love is the air, and we at The Good Road bring you that Boxed!


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