Coconut Turmeric Scrub

Coconut Turmeric Scrub

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Coconut Turmeric scrub’s goodness comprises of Turmeric and Coconut – two ingredients which are revered for their benefits in imparting glowing skin and tan removal. Coconut clears spots and helps in tan removal, while the antioxidant properties of turmeric protect the skin cells from free radical damage while keeping it healthy.

This scrub comes with a premium handcrafted Sheesham wood spoon.

How to use: 

STEP 1: Take three spoonful’s of Coconut Turmeric powder to prepare a body & face scrub

STEP 2: Gently mix the powder with double quantity water or milk

STEP 3: The scrub should be of a paste consistency

STEP 4: Exfoliate your skin with Coconut Turmeric scrub in circular movements. Wash thoroughly while taking a shower & do not use soap

Face & Body Scrub (All skin types)

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