Stout Beer Caramel Chocolate
Stout Beer Caramel Chocolate

Stout Beer Caramel Chocolate

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"Paul and Mike x Simba bring you a specially crafted chocolate for the beer lover in you. Simba's Stout is a dark and creamy beer with notes of espresso and cacao which we have blended with dark caramel and wrapped in Paul & Mike's signature Farm to Bar dark chocolate.
Dark beer, dark caramel and dark chocolate- what's not to love!"

Only the best natural ingredients will do :-   • Fine Flavour Cocoa Beans, No cocoa powder or solids • Only Real fruits, nuts, spices & pure floral distillates • Muscovado Sugar, not the refined white kind • Rich, pure cocoa butter, no hydrogenated vegetable oil  • Non-GMO Sunflower lecithin, instead of soya lecithin • No added vanilla or chocolate flavours, Nothing artificial.

  • Storage - 18°C IN A COOL DRY PLACE 
  • Product Type - Vegetarian 
  • Net Wt. - 50g


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