Oreo Cookie Dough

Oreo Cookie Dough

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Remember when having the luscious cookie dough from the bowl was so much more enticing than waiting for the cookies to be finally baked. We are aiming for the sweet spot between the nostalgia of memories of licking the beaters from your bowl.

This dough can be readily eaten from the jar or can be baked into delicious cookies! 

To all the Oreo lovers out there, we bring to you this heavenly creamy and luscious cookie dough. Have this cookie dough raw from the jar or bake it into your favourite and doughlicious Oreo cookies and feel the magic!

  • No raw flour
  • Lasts up to 25 days at room temperature and 2 months in the fridge
  • No raw eggs
  • 300 Grams
  • Heat-treated flour

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