Luminous HD Eyebrow/Lipstick Brush
Luminous HD Eyebrow/Lipstick Brush

Luminous HD Eyebrow/Lipstick Brush

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Fun fact for all of you trying to make a lasting impression: Perfectly shaped brows are more important than even your eyes! Give a jolt of confidence to yourself with a pair of bold and perfectly lined lips! You absolutely cannot go wrong with the two most expressive and key features that make your face stand out. The Luminous HD Eyebrow/Lipstick Brush is the perfect tool to help you master both.

How to Use:

For your brows:

  • Dip your Luminous HD Eyebrow/Lipstick Brush in your cream/powder based product and tap of the excess.
  • Start in the centre and work your way out to the edges of your brow. Place your brush at the arch of your eyebrow. Move it out towards your nose and upwards towards your forehead in short, feathery motions. Do not draw straight lines.
  • Return the brush to the arch. Move it towards your ear and upward towards your forehead in short, feathery motions.
  • Pull the brush upwards and through your brows several times
  • Repeat on your other brow.

For your lips:

  • Dip your brush into a lip pot or tube of your lipstick.
  • Use the tip of the brush and define your lips by using it as a lip liner. The square edge of the bristles on the top will let you finish the small strokes with finesse.
  • Now fill your lips in by using the body of the brush for blending it perfectly.
  • The long handle provides optimum control over the amount of product deposited on the lip.
  • For a simple lipstick or lip gloss application, start at the centre of your lips and blend product out toward your lip line.
  • To get a crisp finish, use the tip of the brush to define the lip lines at the bows and corners.


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Luminous HD Eyebrow/Lipstick Brush

Rs. 649.00