Holi Water Colours
Holi Water Colours

Holi Water Colours

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Premium holi 100% natural water colours bring back what we have lost - Flower Holi! Traditionally Holi was played with extracts from plants.  

How to use them: Mix one bottle in one bucket of water to get 100% natural water colour for Holi. Each 100ml Liquid Colour is enough to make 1 bucket of water. 

  • Made with flowers and vegetables
  • 100% safe for adults, children and the earth
  • Zero chemicals, zero talcum, zero asbestos and zero silica
  • Tesu: Made with tesu flowers, marigold flowers and turmeric extracts only
  • Majith: Made with majith plant, rose petals and beetroot extracts only
  • 100 ml x 2 colours

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Holi Water Colours

Rs. 299.00