Sesame Peppermint Scrub

Sesame Peppermint Scrub

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A wonderful post-work-out scrub that will leave you minty and fresh, our Sesame Peppermint Coffee exfoliating scrub is power-packed with natural and anti-bacterial ingredients such as Sesame, Coffee & Peppermint. Rich with natural moisturizing agents & caffeine, It works like magic on body breakouts and stretch marks while soothing weary muscles.

This scrub comes with a premium handcrafted Sheesham wood spoon.

How to use: 

STEP 1: Take three spoonful’s of Sesame Peppermint Coffee powder to prepare a body & face scrub

STEP 2: Gently mix the powder with double quantity water or milk

STEP 3: The scrub should be of a paste consistency

STEP 4: Exfoliate your skin with Sesame Peppermint Coffee scrub in circular movements. Wash thoroughly while taking a shower & do not use soap

Face & Body Scrub (All skin types)

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