Assorted Cocktail Mixer
Assorted Cocktail Mixer
Assorted Cocktail Mixer

Assorted Cocktail Mixer

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We’ve thrown in some fruity flavors, refreshing gulps, classiccocktails, and given them subtle twists of spices and herbs. We’ve basically built you a bar in a box!

Let your guests pick what they love best from an assorted box of exotic flavours. Tastes might collide but their tipsy tales won’t as they sip on your cocktails.

The Bartender Says: Sippaholics, I recommend you try these liquors with your Sippin’ flavors -

  1. Mojito - White Rum/Vodka
  2. Orange Cinnamon - Whiskey/Vodka/Gin
  3. Cranberry Ginger - Vodka/Gin/White Rum
  4. Mix Fruit Sangria - Red/White Wine
  5. Spicy Guava - Vodka/Gin
  6. Pina Colada - White Rum/Vodka
  7. Lychee Lime - Vodka/Gin
  8. Watermelon Lemongrass - Champagne/Vodka

Mocktailers : Each of our flavors taste divine with soda/water. Give it a go!

Pack of 8: Makes 8 drinks. 8 sachets * 10g each. 

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