We love working with companies to create memorable, elevated gift boxes to showcase their brand and personality. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a company of 5,000, we can help you say thanks, welcome workshop participants, celebrate milestones and holidays, or launch a new product. Leave a lasting impression that your clients or employees won't soon forget.



Our gift boxes were a part of the annual award ceremony of HCL Grant - a flagship program of HCL Foundation. This event was held at the HCL Technologies SEZ Campus, Sector 126, Noida and the Hon’ble Home Minister of India, Shri Rajnath Singh was the Chief Guest for the ceremony. The HCL Grant ceremony is an occasion to felicitate and award the three winning NGOs with the grant of rupees 5 crore each, making it a total grant of 15 crore rupees.



All our festivals teach us to spread love and happiness among humanity. As the head of the company you would surely want an amicable and satiated atmosphere to prevail in your workplace. Therefore, Kalyani India Pvt. Ltd.(Coal-trading firm)contacted us to curate some diwali gifts for their employees to let them know that they care for them. And as a result, the employees loved the gesture and went to work with more enthusiasm for sure.



Celebrating the anniversary of a business is a time to reflect on your success and how far you’ve come. Hence, Old Delhi Films (a renowned Youtube Channel & Video Production House) got a customised basket with gifts that are ideal to commemorate their business success on their 4th Company Anniversary.



Many things affect employee morale - office conflicts, overtime and even the weather. As a supervisor, you can help boost employee morale by giving employees gifts that let them know that their work is important and valued. And that’s exactly what the Daydreamer Film Co. did. After a long and hard shoot and editing schedule as a Video Production House, the head of the firm decided to get a gift box curated for his employees to boost their morale and provide the much-needed motivation.And this gesture need not put you over budget, as even inexpensive gifts will provide a boost.



It’s the gift that keeps on giving. There are many ways to say thank you. However, do something special and express your sentiments with our specially made gratitude gift boxes. When you shop with us, you’re able to create something distinct. And that’s exactly what The Digital Darkroom did as a token of appreciation of it’s vendors that help them plan and carry out successful photoshoots.



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